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Every website in which wolfe is a webmaster of has a txt file called: AAA.ServerName.txt

The purpose of this file is to help keep things organized. Wolfe has several different domains he controls or assists on and they are on many different servers. Each server is given a "name" to make it easier to remember where it is located and to which client it belongs too.

Servers have a naming convention which might be related to the client's main business, or hobby, or anything that reminds wolfe of that client. For example, American clients might have the server named after Hollywood movie stars, or B-Rated movies. Anything is allowed as long as the form belongs to just one client.

The AAA.ServerName.txt file also contains other information in the following format:

For example:

Servername: Frankenstein Server

This code is to identify this shell as there are copies on other servers/shells:
unique code: Zvy68reik800mnj

AAA ServerName Record Updated: Nov 3rd 2016 - wolfe

NOT DONE File Transfer 
NOT DONE Database 
NOT DONE config altered
NOT DONE wp_option db table 

   NOTES: This shell needs a major update to the wordpress version. The live site is on the Werewolf server, this is only a backup mirror.

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