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Code Invisible in Editor after migrate (Wordpress)


Post/Page editor, both visual and text have the css altered or missing after migration so that the code inside the editor appears as the same color as the background colr (white) this makes it invisible to the author.

Alswo, plugin buttons withint the editor are also missing.

Doing this step by step so that if it also on the other sites after migration this will become part of the knownledge base of the services site. - wolfe

step one:
add this line after the host defined setting in the config file.

// editor fix
define('CONCATENATE_SCRIPTS', false);

webmaster services

install the plugin:
f(x) Editor

after a reload and deleting your browsers cache wait awhile longer before you think it's still missing, the images, buttons etc take a little time to upload to your browser, but they should be there the next time you want to edit a post.

webmaster services

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